Hello World

Welcome to my series of Cd's called 'Sounds of the Canyon'.

I've been compiling these for a few years now. They've been a kind of substitute for making music at times when I'm too busy/tired/time-restricted/apathetic to make my own. But they are in no way inadequate an experience to making my own, actually they contain none of the angst of creating your own shit, a pleasure in that respect. The last two have been compiled with close friends and that's been nice, creating a kind of mini soundtrack for our friendship. Anyway all the songs you will hear have in some ways been influential on my quiet little journey through this life. I don't like to think of myself as a music addict or that i am in any way dependent on it but I'm hooked and that's the bare-faced truth. There's not a day that passes that some form of melodic/Beat(odic)/Sonic food type doesn't pass through my being. I consume about 10 new albums a week and like a true junkie I'm never full.

Bon Appetite,

Dan Canyon

p.s. I'm going to start with the most recent and work backwards :-)

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