I made this compilation with Chris Williams, you probably know him. He's one of those dudes that makes you feel extremely unpopular when walking 'round town with him, he knows everyone. He's a living legend, at least that's what he tells me. He's also the soon-to-be father of my Godson, I'm excited! I guess I'll be making a load more cd's, educating young Williams in the appreciation of good music, guiding him away from Chris's Celine Dion collection. If there's one thing we've shared it's an appreciation for the music of Jay Dee AKA JDilla. What follows is the text from the cd label:

This CD was put together in the year that followed Dilla’s passing in Feb 2006. It is not a compilation of Dilla tracks but more a collection of songs that he might like, songs that maybe would have influenced him or possibly that he had in turn influenced. We approached this CD with the same degree of love that you might do if making it for a friend, because in many ways he was a friend. As much as he has been heralded a legend he was also a very humble person and a real craftsman. And we honour his memory.

Oh and.... Turn it up!



thebeathunters said...

very smooth and coherent mix so far (just noddin' thru it right now) lauren's sweetest thing is one of my all-time fave anyway... thanks for this soulful trip

Markybwoy UK said...

Loving this mix, i too am a big fan of the late great Dilla.
Gonna check out the rest of your mixes, if this is anything to go by.....i can't wait!!
PEACE from Marky UK

Bill said...

Thanks for the comment and for your link. The mix is great. Really impressive.

kiwi_dan said...

wonderful mix - thanks for sharing it - it was just the ticket for a rainy weekend in a leaky beach house.