Ali Macgraw

I made this Cd with my friend Graham Erickson in the winter of 2005-2006. It's a Cd best heard in a snowed-in log cabin, a bit like an hour long version of Neil Young's 'will to love' (you can hear the open fire in the background, burning melancholy). Graham was djing at his night 'Soft Focus' (with fellow Dj's/archivists Pete Fowler and Jeremy 'Brill') at the time and this reminds me of drinking cider and talking with beardies in dark corners about pretty girls. Dancing was strictly not allowed except for one girl that turned up on the second night, danced in a circle and took her top off (very '67), we can allow that. I haven't listened to it in an age (or a hot minute depending on your cultural persuasion) but I'm remembering the final Nina Simone track and thinking that if it doesn't evoke some form of emotion in your soul, then you are lost, dooooooomed.

hope you enjoy it


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Maximilian said...

Thank you for sharing all of your comps. Been enjoying them all and this comp came on today and made me feel warmer as winter rolls around the UK!? Cheers M