All is well

"...where I grew up in Brooklyn nobody committed suicide, you know everyone was too unhappy...."

This cd is interspersed with clips from Woody Allen's 'Crimes and Misdemeanors', this is one of my all time 5 star films. I love this film because it's not Woody Allen in slapstick mode, this is one of his 'serious' films. But how serious is he ever really anyway? I think Allen's funny bone is alive and well in 'Crimes' mainly through the prof Levi character, a man so seduced by the beauty of things (also by the study and articulation of this beauty) that he is perhaps overwhelmed and simply jumps from his building to his death. He leaves no explanation other than a note that reads 'I've gone out the window'. Beautiful and simple and funny as hell. Perhaps we shouldn't look too hard for explanations.

I called this cd 'All is well' because in times of transition it's good to pinpoint your state to a statement, possibly a statement of intent rather than one of being. Either way i found it helped.

All is well, I hope.


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kmkershaw said...

This makes me SMILE - thank you so much and the wit and wisdom of Woody Allen mixed in is such a cool idea. I listen to this when I'm on my own just bumbling around town. Couldn't decide which compliation of yours to comment on first - I love them ALL. You ROCK. Keep them coming... x