Infinite Search

Infinite Search, the track itself, had me transfixed for about 2 years. I became slightly obsessed with it to the point that I thought it best not to tell anyone. I'd just put it in my mini-disk player, press repeat song and feel ill as if I'd gone on one ride too many. It leads you along mischieviously, opening and closing doors, sending you in circles... "I think we've been here before". I make it sound like a frustrating 'Alice in Wonderland' kind of journey but it's not, it's quite calming. I think my friend Kodwo has become obsessed with the whole thing, he mentions it every time we speak. If you know him and you see him walking the streets, clutching his headphones, mumbling to himself - don't startle him, he may become aggressive.

For Turiya is a song that never leaves you. I sampled it once and actually made quite a good job of it but instantly felt like Indiana Jones desecrating a sacred tomb. So I buried it.

The bird on the cover was rescued by my mum, his name is Tino. He lived with us in France for about 2 weeks sometimes riding on the dashboard of the car. It got to a point where we were worried he would take on human qualities and forget he was a bird, perhaps he would begin to drink wine and talk shit. So my mum (*Buffy*) taught him how to fly and threw him out the window (rather like Prof Levi), he soared across the vineyards searching for his own kind so he could eat berries and talk shit.



Anonymous said...

this certainly is a deep journey.
i particularly like the channel hop at the end, jean luc ponty to mike westbrook.

look forward to checking the whole series

many thanks
from mark

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